CFP Kids 


We are happy to announcement the opening of our kids corner. As parents, we understand scheduling can be difficult with children. Now you don't have to worry about finding a babysitter or not being able to make it to class. 

The Kids Corner will give the kiddos a place to hangout during your workout. They can watch movies, draw, work on homework or just play with the other children. 

Kids Corner Rules



  • Kids are allowed in 2 designated areas at the gym: The Kids Corner, or sitting on the couch in the lounge. These are the ONLY safe spots for the kiddos to be. - Kids CANNOT move or wander away from these areas at any point during class.

  • These areas are safe, but they are unsupervised. It is the parent’s responsibility to check on kids periodically to make sure that they are safe, playing nicely, not making a mess, etc. 

  • Before, during, and after classes kids are NOT allowed to play or climb on ANY equipment – GHD’s, bikes, equipment in the mobility bin, etc. 

  • If your child is sick, please do not bring them to class. We do not want to spread germs to other members children.  




  •  Kids CANNOT interrupt the experience of adult athletes participating in class or at the gym in general. - If a child is crying, screaming, yelling, or being disruptive in any other way it is the parent’s responsibility to react IMMEDIATELY, so that the class is not disrupted. 

  • If a child is not able to be at the gym, and NOT be a disruption/distraction to the adult athletes at the gym, they should not be brought to the gym with the parent.

  • We love offering a place for the kiddos, but be respectful of other members and make sure your child is behaving.  




  • Any mess made by a kiddo at the gym should be cleaned up – toys in the Kids Corner, crumbs, spills, etc. Please sweep, mop, and wipe up as needed! 

  • There will be a $100/hr charge to fix any damage done to walls, floors, tables, furniture, TV, DVD player, windows, lighting (We understand things happen when kiddos play, so you will not be charged for damage caused to toys, books, games, art supplies).

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